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Website name: www.gbm.net.

  1. OBJECT GBM acting as responsible for the website, provides this document to users, in order to inform everyone accessing the website on what the terms and conditions are.  Anyone accessing this website will be acting as user, and will compromise to the strict observance and compliance of the here on indicated dispositions, as well as any other legal disposition that may apply.

    GBM reserves the right to modify any information that may be on the website, without the obligation of pre-alerting users on said obligations. The  publication in the website will be understood as sufficient.    GBM thanks your visit to its website and we asks you to please carefully read all the terms and conditions here indicated, since any utilization of this site, as well as any visit, confirms implied and immediate acceptance of the terms and conditions which rule this website.

  • Website usage:  This website should not be used for a different purpose from which is authorized by present terms and conditions or in any other location at the same website. Copies, duplications or commercialization, as well as placing marks or links to any section of this website are prohibited.  It is prohibited to use this website for illicit or illegal purposes.
  • Software utilization or download:  Software utilization from this webpage is regulated by the conditions of license contract.  It can only be installed or used if the user accepts the conditions contained in the corresponding license contract.
  • Privacy Policy of the Website:  The use GBM gives to your personal information in your condition of website user (either electronic mail, telephone number, product preferences or services, among others) has the only purpose of providing information on our products, services, activities or promotions which we consider could be of your interest.  Any personal information or material sent to our websites will be subject to the present privacy policy and will be material of personal information protection, granting that said information will not be in any way transferred to third parties or commercialized.
  • In case the user provides an electronic address,  or any other contact information, in the capture of information included in this website, will be sufficient to authorize GBM to contact such user.  GBM will only send users promotional materials through the contact information provided.  User could revoke his authorization for GBM to contact at any time, by writing to the address provided in this website.
  • ​Intellectual Property Rights:  GBM hereby confirms information to the user, that any type of intellectual property, including but not limited to royalties, brands, designs included in the texts, images, graphics and any other type of material contained in this website are the only and exclusive property of GBM, or else GBM has legal authorization for the colocation of said material in its website.

    The publication of the contents of this website, cannot be in any way understood as the consent of a license for use or property of any Intellectual property right here shown.  Commercial brands, logotypes and service brands shown in this website (“Registered Trademarks”) are registered and none of the content under this conditions or on the website will be understood as a concession either specific or expressed of a license or right to use the Registered Trademarks without GBM’s authorization, of the partners and suppliers, which will have to be in written.  It is prohibited the use or misuse   of the property intellectual rights shown in this website, or any of the content in the website.

    In the case of any illegal use, abuse or violation of the intellectual property rights shown in this webpage, GBM reserves the right to enforce administrative, civil or legal actions necessary to penalize the offender or criminal and to compensate on the affectation of its rights.

    No reproduction, independently of the location on the website, could: (i) be sold or distributed, with or without profit purposes, and (ii) be used as material for other website creation or for other purpose different from what is established in this website.  GBM reserves the right to impede or in its case stop publishing any photographic, graphic, video or any kind, that you add to the website by the available spaces to the general public, which are illegal, immoral or/and that contravene the internal policies as a corporation

  1. Responsibility exclusions:  GBM certifies that has reported to the user:  every time the accesses the website he is in agreement of following dispositions:
  2. Any usage given to the content material of this website different from the purpose for which it was created will be under the only responsibility and risk of the user.
  3. Information contained in this website could not be exact, GBM does not take responsibility for its content.  Any change related to the information in this website could be modified, eliminated or included without requiring a previous notification.
  4. Will not be the responsibility of GBM and of any other party involved in creating, producing or providing this website,  to update the material, information and services made available to user by GBM.
  5. The user declares his/her knowledge and understanding that every time he provides information, either personal commercial or any other kind, it will be understood as the owner and/or authorized to provide the information, so that GBM will never be responsible for the information provided by the user.  Also the user will grant that the information provided is not in any way defamatory and the usage by GBM does not violate third parties rights
  6. GBM is exonerated of any warranty or responsibility of any kind, expressed or implicit, including any type of responsibility related to the violation and/or affectation of third parties rights.
  7. GBM will not be responsible for any loss caused by a virus transferred at accessing the site under any material or file of this webpage, therefore, if you decide to download materials from this website it will be always under your own risk.
  8. The links to GBM’s websites can direct you to websites different from the ones of GBM, and therefore GBM does not take responsibility on the content, precision or function of the content of other websites, and its insertion in this page should not be understood as this to be authorized or endorsed by BM.
  9. GBM will not have any responsibility for any direct use, accidental, consequential, indirect, damages, expenses, losses or responsibility for the access to use, prevent use, change the content of this site or any other access to the website through a link of this website or any action that we take or decide not to take as a result of any electronic mail we receive.
  10. GBM will not be responsible for the content or the purpose of communications exchanged by users of the website of any kind and does not take any responsibility of such communications.
  11. GBM will not be responsible for the possible fail in the services offered by the webpage through hyperlinks or any other method or error of the webpage.
  12. Prohibitions:  It is strictly prohibited to commit any act that at GBM’s consideration is inappropriate, attempts against the good manners and/or could be considered as an illegal act, either infraction slender, crime, false accusation or any other act prohibited under any law applicable to this website, among which are indicated but not limited:
  • Any act that could be considered as an infraction to privacy (including uploading private information without the consent of the owner) or any other which is part of legal rights of the individual.
  • Uploading files containing viruses which could cause damage to GBM’s property or to the property of other individual
  • Violate any type of property right of third parties through the services provided by this website.​
  • Using this website to defame or slander GBM, its collaborators or any other individual, as well as acting in a way of damaging the good name of GBM.  We provide evidence that the website could use cookies (small files of information that the server sends to the computer of the individual entering the page) to carry out specific functions which are considered imperative for the correct functioning and visualization of the site.  “Cookies” used in this webs site, have, in any case, a temporary condition with the only purpose of making its transmission more efficient and disappear at the end of the user session.  In no case, cookies will be used to collect personal information.