September 09, 2014RSC-Panamá

Children Villages SOS is a global organization for the children who do not have biological parents, they will have a protecting home with fathers or tutors in charge of their care.  This organization works with more than 130 countries providing practical support for each child or young to develop relationships of trust and face life challenges in the future

Children’s Village SOS developed 4 sites in Panama, located at the provinces of Colon, Penonome, Chiriqui and Panama City.  This organization supports 505 children and young people, in 68 homes distributed in the territory.  In addition, this organization has a very important group for the caring of children which are the “mother SOS”.  The mothers SOS are the ones who take care of creating a close relation with children they

GBM Panama will start its technology education program addressing the SOS Mother since they are the support for children.  We have a group of “GBM Educators who will start the training starting tomorrow 10 September.  It is expected to last 2 months (September and October) for the first stage, and then for following stages  to continue with children and young people.

Content has been developed by GBM employees and will be taught at the Training Room at SOS Children Village, located at Avenida La Amistad, El Dorado,Panama City.  This room has been equipped by GBM for the furniture, equipment, paint and wiring, and GBM will donate 6 computers

It is expected to comply with 84 hours of voluntary work, 20 of them preparing content and 64 in dictating the training.  Subjects will go from Introduction to computers, Basic internet usage, and electronic mail, Basic Word, Basic Excel and PowerPoint.  A 5 module agenda, in 16 days would complete the transfer of knowledge expected.