March 19, 2015RSC-Nicaragua

The RSC Team at GBM Nicaragua implemented, among its initiatives of Social Corporate Responsibility a program to support the learning of English language supported by latest technology.  This initiative is based on the product Smarty Ants

On February of this year GBM Nicaragua made first installation at the Amelia Cole school located in Tola-Rivas.  This school received a donation of 10 Lenovo desktops, from the renewals of SmartSave contracts, 10 UPS and 1 Cache Box (manages traffic of the Internet application), 20 multimedia kits and the users for the Smarty Ants program. During first wee 105 were brought to the learning of English Language supported with latest technology.

Tola_Rivas has been a rural Nicaraguan communities with few employee opportunities and human development.  In 2015 , Grupo Pellas has had a great compromise with the region and has increased employment and better conditions upon the development in Guacalito de la Isla, a high level touristic project, a luxury resort MUKUL.  GMB implements Smarty Ants for the community with Tola-Rivas with equipment and users for the first year of operations and renewals for the following years, available thanks to Mukul sponsorship.

 “The RSC initiative Smarty Ants does not finish here, we are implementing the schools SER San Antonio, located at the Chichigalpa City and expect in 2015 to complete the third school in Nicaragua.  It is a great proud we have participated in this project, which will provide Nicaraguan children with better human development opportunities”, said Azucena Altamirano, RSC Team Leader in Nicaragua.