December 10, 2014RSC-El Salvador

GBM El Salvador, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (RSC) implemented at in 2014, a recycling campaign in order to generate among collaborators the culture of environmental responsibility aligned to the business strategy.

This initiative will be based on the following: each Monday the employees will deliver recyclable materials collected during the week and then the waste is sent to certified processing plants.  The campaign extended from August to November and collected 6 tons waste.

As part of this effort and to recognize the dedication to the campaign. GBM El Salvador rewarded the three departments who provided more pounds of waste: TSS, administration and Finance and Regional Services Desk were the departments who won the reward.

This campaign not only creating a recycling culture among GBM El Salvador employees, but also brought happiness and blessings to the families in a community with scarce resources located at Playa El Zonte, part of the funds were used to celebrate a Christmas party to children , young and elderly people.