April 15, 2015RSC-Costa Rica

GBM Costa Rica, reinforcing “teamwork” divides employees in interdepartmental groups, identified with a name and color.  For 2014, 10 groups were in charge of executing initiatives for “GBM Improvement” and “RSC”.  Some of the project related to Social Responsibility were:

  • Donating 10 PC computers to Liceo de Aserrí.
  • Donation Hogar Infantil Turrialba (food, diapers, and personal care materilas)
  • Book club Project.  Creating a mini-library in two schools in indigenous territory (Maleku Palence El Sol- North Zone Térraba).
  • Waste  collection at Paseo Colon and Perez Zeledon
  • Tour to Tivives beach, for 22 years from the C.U.N.A. Home (Organization sponsored by Hospital Nacional de Niños and other organizations in protection of  abused children)
  • Donation of 35 pillows to the San Pablo de Heredia Nursing Home. 
  • Help to the twins Shannya and Shawnee, donation of laptop and a tablet.