February 03, 2015RSC-Costa Rica

The RSC Team as part of its initiatives for 2014 to recycle electronic waste in order to comply with corporate causes, as well as to  generate the recycling culture among the employees

Since 2010 GBM processes its own electronic waste. For 2014, a total of 5 tons were processed, a total of 5,631Kg equivalent to 5 cars.  These 5 tons were processed and certified by ASEGIRE ( Association of Entrepreneurs for the Integral Management of Electronic Waste) of which GBM is a member since 2010.
For 2015 GBM is trying not only to recycle its own electronic waste, but also, provide the service to customers to leave the waste at our premises and to process this waste.  In 2015 GBM will be promoting a recycling system for solid waste in order to generate a culture of recycling among the employees