April 21, 2015RSC-Nicaragua

The RSC Team at GBM Nicaragua implemented the second school with the program Smarty Ants among the initiatives of Digital Divide of RSC.  This is a revolutionary program to support learning English Language through top of the line technology.

Pablo Zawadski, General Manager at GBM Nicaragua, explained that Smarty Ants is a visual and audible program teaching Spanish speaking children English correct pronunciation and reading, adapting to the learning pace of  of each student. Zawadski added that “one of the wonders of this program is that it does not force all children to go at the same pace.  The program recognizes the pronunciation level of each student individually and the teacher can see in the system the progress of every children and help each one with weaknesses, without stopping the rest of the group”.

The beneficiary in this opportunity are the  children form school SER SaN Antonio, located in the city of Chichigalpa, which provides preschool, primary school and high school  free teaching for all the children of the employees at SER San Antonio, one of the companies of Pellas group in Nicaragua.

 “We are aiming to the future, this is the vision of our Company that children in this school have a tool in the future such as the English Language to move to professional and personal life and contribute to the country development”, indicated Norman Meza,  General Services Manager at Ser San Antonio”

 “This is the second implementation of the RSC with Smarty Ants, the first started by mid February at the Amelia Cole School located at Tola-Rivas, community close to the Grupo Pellas Real State development: Guacalito de la Isla where the Mukul Beach hotel Golf & Spa is located, and we expect to add a third institution in 2015.” Said Azucena Altamirano, RSC Team Leader in Nicaragua.