March 03, 2015RSC-Costa Rica

GBM Costa Rica is one of the 30 members of ASEGIRE (Entrepreneurs association for the integral Management of Electronic Waste) and in the General Ordinary Assembly on 19th February, GBM received the price of “Continued Improvement”

Following numbers grants the credentials

  • Founding partner in 2010
  • 29,699 Kg processed
  • 2014 delivered 5,631 Kg
  • 16 hours consulting contracted in 2014
  • Delivery confirmation: every month

According to Claudia Marina Herna´ndez, leader of the RSC team Costa Rica: “in 2013 we received the price of “Persistence” and this year “Continued Improvement”. We are only missing the third category “Volume” we expect to achieve in 2015, thanks to the new model,TAKE-BACK , by which we will not only process our own waste and of our customers.