November 27, 2014RSC-Panamá

GBM Panama, in accordance with the programs and initiatives of corporate social responsibility, implemented some years ago, the program Entrepreneur Sponsor for scarce resources or social risk adolescents.

This was created as the result of needing to provide a preventive alternative for teen agers between 14 to 17, who are unable to continue studying for the lack of economic resources, no family support and other problems.  The program in an innovative fashion offers an internship to the young.  The positive impact highlights of this program are:  (1) to elevate the self-steem and improve quality of life. (2) Promote the need to study as a requirement for personal and professional development (3) Promote family integration in the situations where there is dysfunctionality (4) Gain job experience, which will help to insert in the labor market.

Yalinth Lopez, student of the program commented that it has been of great benefit for her

 “My experience in the  Program Entrepreneur Sponsor has benefited my personal life.  I am more proactive, it helped me in my career growth. The mark in me is huge, thanks to this program I have strengthen values, I have felt responsibility, trust in my performance and improvement of my studies.