Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions


  • Toshiba 4690 Operating System: the operating system is one of the main platforms for point of sale in the retail commerce, and recognized for its consistent functionality and reliability.  Toshiba 4690 provides a tested platform for retailers to improve customer care and optimize operations in the store.
  • Toshiba Store Integrator: enables retailers to distribute information and the enterprise logistics from the point of sale applications, self-service cashiers systems, kiosks, handheld sales tools and other devices in the store and share with applications in the store, through graphic user interfaces).
  • Toshiba SurePOS ACE: has been designed to help companies in the retail segment to create a dynamic infrastructure, including high volume scanning to accelerate the payment system and electronic marketing of personalized promotions.  The powerful POS application combines the support to payment system, electronic market, data maintenance, account administration and other enterprise processes in versatile packages and at low cost.
  • Toshiba Data Integration Facility:  Toshiba Data Integration Facility (DIF) helps retail companies to optimize operations and reduce operating costs using diverse open standard formats to share data between applications.  It is designed for information to flow from the point of sale and improve the shopping experience of the customer with data virtualization for transactions in real time.
  • Toshiba Retail Systems Management:  it is an administration solution to complete Toshiba systems specifically designed for the retail sale.  Provides a group of tools for simplifying critical IT tasks and help retailers to identify and correct problems.  It is robust and easy to use.  It is an open platform of the management solution, allowing new devices and applications to easily integrate, which enable companies to quickly implement new technologies, using processes for business and solutions, existing in a single store or in hundreds.