x86 Solutions

Infractucture is key,  strategic and critical to create competitiveness and operation continuity of the Company.  Infrastructure is important and GBM provides complete and integral solutions to support in the creation of  value to our customers and to facilitate the construction and administration of the IT environment.


GBM is an important provider of virtualization solutions based on VM ware and or Microsoft in the region, and has been awarded several times for the contribution of the development in the region.  GBM’s virtualization solutions help our customers to optimize and simplify infrastructure with high performance, support and extraordinary power efficiency and a solid enterprise reliability   No matter if it is desk  virtualization or production virtualization server, GBM has the Lenovo support to offer innovative technology and worldclass recognized products


GBM Works together with SAP and Lenovo to offer solutions of great scope and with differentiating advantages.  If your business supports a high performance datacenter or a small office, GBM will provide an optimized and aligned portfolio to support  different workloads in SAP.

SAP innovations through SAP HANA are also part of our portfolio, with Levono products certified and approved by SAP to provide a strong scalability and an exceptional performance which will align with your growth.


As a result of the recognized agreement between Lenovo and Nutanix, GBM brings to the region one of the most innovative solutions and of great potential in the market.  With more that 51% market share, Nutanix provides a top of the line infrastructure which dramatically simplifies the machine virtualization. The approach of preconfigured  and integrated hyper-convergence to grow in nodes, without a SAN, which transforms in a low cost of investment, operation and capital.



Lenovo Flex System is the next evolution in blade technology, giving way to the convergence systems.  Based on a proven and trusted technology, Lenovo products are compatible with open standards. The simplicity of a convergence system for infrastructures begins from its acquisition.  With an integrated and easy implementation, redundancy for lasting, administration and optimization, including the cloud capacities to simplify the more important task of IT resources, its system is designed to be of fast implementation and easy to administer.







Information analysis promotes decisions in all the businesses.  To obtain a better vision of your business, GBM offers solutions to manage the volume, variety and speed of data of the customers, while keeps the analytic application.  In an alliance Lenovo and GBM, it is possible to obtain an optimal infrastructure and high efficiency, characterized because of the  scalability , access and with exceptional performance and  the support and experience of GBM, the trademarks of the company in the region.