The SurePOS 300 is an ideal solution for the daily operation of the retailer, who needs to Access a solution POINT OF SALE which provides maximum flexibility and functionality in the store environment.  It is small and the distribution of peripheral devices, the SurePOS 300 can be installed and used in any space in the store.

Models 340,E40



The SurePOS 500 is state of the art touch screen, keeping great levels of precision and speed in transactions. The elegance of the system gives the store a very attractive aspect and the compact size is space efficient.  Provides an extraordinary flexibility.  Each system supports multimedia functionalities and can be configured with external devices combinable with the system.

SurePOS 500 Express


The SurePOS 700 is a solution for the point of sale which is leader in the segment:  enables to provide applications and Enterprise services of great quality and reduces costs and complexity.  Designed for the retail store, the SurePOS 700 has the necessary power to perform fast transactions and the capacity to add a unique value.

New Models 745,785,E45,E85,C85

New Models 775

Models 720,740 y 780


The new Toshiba Solution AnyPlace POS provides versatile without no precedent for the stores. Adds the function AnyPlace POS Hub, working exclusively with the system AnyPlace Kiosk to increase the capacities in the point of sale (POS) in any place, quickly and easily.  This flexibility helps retailers to |anticipate to the customer’s trends and be ready for future growth.

Models 330, 33E,540, 54E, 740, 74E, 940, 94E