Available in all size stores, in several industry segments, the Global Commerce Solutions products have been designed exclusively for the demands of the real retailer.  Are based on open standards, with reliable and advanced technologies, designed to adapt to the needs and budget of your company.


The Toshiba printer models are equipment built to provide maximum performance in the environment of commercial retail.  Printers Toshiba SureMark are fast and reliable, easy to handle and repair;  also, provide a design and packing friendly with the environment establishing new global standards.  More information.


Modular Toshiba Keyboards provide more capacity, options and flexibility for retail consumers

  • Modular keyboard ANPOS: standard size alphanumeric keyboard
  • Modular keyboard CANPOS:  compact size alphanumeric keyboard (20% smaller)
  • 67 keys board:  with 17 additional functional keys, for special applications



Toshiba provides SurePoint display for all models at the point of sale.  An ample spectrum of innovative models for touch screen, as well as non-touch for a fast and precise transaction.

Cash drawers

Toshiba provides an ample set of cash drawers to adapt to  different requirements of the stores in the retail segment

  • No drawer cash box
  • Adjustable cash drawer
  • Folding cover cash drawer
  • Fixed cash drawer

Scanners y Handhelds

GBM provides also additional solutions.  Datalogic Automatic Data Capture:  provide advanced solutions for data collection adapting to industry needs:  scanning devices, mobile devices, developing software and network and communication wireless systems.  Datalogic has consolidated as the single worldwide provider of solutions for multiplatform products available in the market.