Strategy for lifecycle management of software solutions development and operation.  Solution to test great volumes, either functional or performance, in automated fashion, increasing the coverage range of the test in a fast, reusable and simple way.

  • Requirements management: optimizes communication, collaboration and validation in the organization and in the complete software development cycle.
  • Software Development Lifecycle management:  allowing context collaboration in real time for distributed teams.
  • Quality Assurance:  Having collaboration concentration for systems quality and enterprise company in almost any platform and test type.
  • Functional test automatization:  allows the performance of functional and regression tests automatically.  Provides function for automated tests, for functional tests, regression GUI and based on data.
  • Automatization test for load/performance: validates the scalability of web and server applications.  Identifies the presence and the cause of bottlenecks in the performance of systems, and also reduces workload complexity.
  • Security tests management (black box and White box): organizations can evaluate the security of mobile and web applications, reinforces the programs management of applications security and obtain the regulatory compliance by identifying vulnerabilities and the creation of reports with recommendations about intelligent fixes to facilitate the amendment.
  • Virtualization of test components:  allows the creation, change and deployment of virtualized applications to obtain efficient and simplified tests.  Increases the presentation for complex test environments and allows the integration of anticipated test and increase the frequency in the development cycle.
  • Deployment Automatization and management: orchestrates and automatizes application deployment, middleware configurations and database changes in development test and production environments.