Service Automation

Self-service is an innovative way for the customer to manage a series of services provided by companies  from almost all commercial segments (retail, health, finance, education, etc). This tendency is experiencing an accelerated growth due to the positive influence in the purchase experiences from customers and to technological developments facilitating its implementation.

At the present time, self-service is more than a possibility, it is a must from the customers.  Toshiba gathers the self-service hardware, extensively proven, with applications specially designed for the are, offering complete, solid and flexible solutions, which provide a wide variety of possibilities to the customer and the retailer.

Toshiba AnyPlace Kiosk

Diseño robusto y confiable especialmente construido para ambientes de autoservicio.

The Anyplace kiosk is a multimedia kiosk with great power to generate new opportunities, offering the shopping experience to customers with the top of the line market trend.

The Toshiba Anyplace kiosk systems provide following advantages:

·         It has a compact and elegant design, to fit in any space.

·         Includes the best in touchscreen technology in the market: infrared of top technology.

·         Able to add multiple options in applications

·         Robust and reliable, specially built for self-service environments

Toshiba Self CheckOut System 6

The Selfcheckout Toshiba systems integrate now a great variety of choices for payment, such as transactions in cash or with credit cart.  Provide a lot of functions such as “transporting band” or “scan and pack”, which perfectly fit the need of any retailer.

SelfCheckout Toshiba systems offer following advantages:

·         Excellent usage to innovate the interaction consumer-store

·         Management of the solution, increasing availability

·         Integration POS, leads the segment, improves reliability