Borderless architecture


Cisco Routers solutions go further than a dedicated device to the network data connection. The Cisco Routers ISR (Integrated Services Routers) are integrated services devices able of perform multiple tasks, such as provide services of voice, video, security, wireless network control, access to the internet, among other applications.


The security characteristics of the architecture “Cisco SecureX” integrated to the network devices, internet scanning sensors and the final customer devices, populate in real time the data “Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO)” and allowing an integrated correlation of global threats and reputation services.  Cisco Security solutions can be presented in several ways, including:

    • Appliance
    • Cloud based
    • Virtual
    • Modular
    • Software for switches and routers


Among  security CISCO products, the most used Firewall in the world is offered,  “Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)”, as well as  high security Routers and Switches,  WeB security devices, mail security devices, intrusion prevention systems, VPN customers, among others.


The Cisco Motion technology provides mobility to the critical mission, transparent and reliable wireless access, increases productivity of the employees

  • Using technology “CleanAir” the interferences at RF level (Radiofrequency) are mitigated, protecting the network performance.
  • Using Cisco “Clientlink” the capacity of channels is increased by 27% and for channels of transmission 802.11 a/g up to 65%
  • Quality of video multicast superior, through the Wireless networks with  “videostream” technology

WAN Optimization

Cisco “Application Velocity” improves the speed and availability of every application to increase the business continuity and employee productivity.

  • Applications and optimization acceleration and optimization of the WAN with technologies such as WAAS (Wide Area Application Services) through the Second Generation ISR (Integrated Services Routers).
  • Improves visibility and control of the applications by the CISCO AVC (Application Visibility and Control)
  • Increase survival through the UCS Express
  • Optimization of Multimedia

A corporate Cisco network “Medianet” allows to escalate the network and prioritize video, collaboration and multimedia applications with any device to optimize the user experience.

  • Reduces the video display to only minutes
  • Improves visibility over the network conditions that could affect the quality of applications
  • Simplifies and accelerates the diagnostic of video applications, voice and data.