Data Center Architecture

Cisco provides unified Data Center Platform, this architecture combines processing, storage, connectivity and management of a platform designed to automatize IT services through the physical and virtual environments, resulting in the efficient use of budged, fast response to business and simplified IT operations.  The Cisco solution of “Unified Data Center” is a complete architecture which includes products and solutions of three critical areas:


Unified Management

The Unified Management architecture component for Cisco data center, provides automatization, direction and lifecycle management to simplify the implementation and operation of physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure elements.  Cisco helps IT departments by using a self-service portal and a catalog of services to provide fast IT services on demand to support the business initiatives.

 “Unified Fabric”


The Unified Fabric components of the Data Center Cisco Architecture provides a high performance to network data storage, simplifying the implementation, ensuring quality in the user experience, and reducing operation costs.  The integrated services of the Cisco network provide connectivity of high availability and speed, increasing the applications performance, reducing security risks in a multi company/department environment.

“Unified Computing”

Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) is an anchor for the Cisco Data Center Architecture, allowing a great scalability, integrating the network access, capacity of processing and storage networks with the same solution.  Integrated management capaciites simplify the operation through al the physical, virtual and cloud architecture.