Infrastructure Maintenance

GBM provides several models for Support and Maintenance Services, designed for covering different type of requirements and profiles for use, integrating corrective, preventive and proactive to reach a functional level responding to requirements and operating and financial capacities of the business processes and the effective IT management.


  • Service options, oriented to the business requirements.
  • Expert support for a balanced management  of your IT infrastructure
  • Continued generation of value to your investments in maintenance.
  • Warranty for parts and procedures in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer
  • Integrate in a single technology partner as GBM all the IT infrastructure.
  • Simple and fast procedures to integrate, eliminate, or change equipment coverage.
  • Brands supported
  • IBM
  • DELL


Software Maintenance

Software maintenance services allow

·Reduce operating costs and increase efficiency

·Increase availability and reduce downtime.


·Enables  resources and knowledge

Installation and Warranty

GBM provides a structure to support through Systems Engineers for programs and Service Engineers for equipment



Warranty in Critical Instalations

 Warranty services cover:

  • Start up and tests:  ensure if the objectives of reliability and energy efficiency are complied with.
  • Assessing the operation risk and reliability: identify vulnerabilities in systems and processes and recommend the measures to follow in order to reduce operating failure
  • Operation strategy of the installation:  help to increase reliability through maintenance, management and tests programs.
  • Failure and forensic analysis:  help with the improvement of preventive or corrective maintenance, producing reliable data based on the condition and performance of critical systems.



This service helps in the centralization of technical support for final user devices, such as PC, laptops, printers and support to workstations in your Company as a single contact.

Your employees could report a failure, incident or request for technological services by phone, e mail or web page

SmartDesk provides:


  • Technical knowledge at your disposition
  • Several channels for attention: e mail, phone or web page
  • Schedule Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm (could extend upon request)
  • Report, follow up for contracted services
  • Reduction of resolution times and a better control of tickets and incidents
  • Service level agreement (SLA) is 99.77%