A variety of equipment such as computers, desktops, monitors, towers and accessories of top of the line brands such as Lenovo, Toshiba, Cisco and Apple.


CISCO Solutions for Enterprise network, for accelerating innovation, reduce costs and complexity, improve security and  make the most of mobility.

Point of Sale Solutions

Retail software solutions for store administration, improve efficiency in processing and customer satisfaction; includes point of sale or multiservice electronic cashiers.


A great variety of powerful, high quality, reliable and innovative servers, server systems and storage

Software for Business Productivity.

It is based on the world class quality methodologies which support:  enterprise flexibility and agility, operating visibility in real time and to reach customers where they are and with the information they want.  Solutions to facilitate productivity in the business are provided, supported with  Websphere IBM and Middleware solutions.

Software for Information Management

We have a team consultants specialized in working to transform data in strategic information for decision making in the company.

Software to maximize the value of your assets

Platform for service management to set standards and share information integrating people, processes and technology to obtain real Enterprise results


As data continue to exponentially grow, it is necessary to have access to information and to manage data effectively to obtain useful corporate information.  Following is the description of some systems for this purpose and much more.