GBM has developed the platform to provide managed communication services to the customers and support to improve corporate image, have improved impact on marketing campaign, more availability of communication and a support to the call center to reduce the costs associated to the process

  • Transpromo:  a tool to elevate documents as intelligent communications. Combines data of a customer at different data bases with information form marketing, portfolio, franchises, special campaigns in a single document.  It is also a fidelity strategy based on an smart combination of documents with promotional relevant messages and personalized with the objective for up-selling and cross selling
  • Email Delivery:  report system for sent and returned messages which will let you know status of the communications with customers and action of any instruction provide answer to your requirements.
  • SMS Delivery:  with following delivery options: SMS-EMAIL, SMS-HTTP, SMS-FTP, SMS-SMPP, SMS-WEB y SMS-WebServices.
  • Printing on Demand:  Great value for companies with high printing volumn requiring to have the service outsourced and with an efficient delivery time.



Smart IT is a service of managing monitoring in real time for IT assets

Your Company will

  • Detect critical events in the infrastructure
  • To Analyze requirements for attention
  • Coordinate operations to support the events
  • Report to support provides to execute actions.
  • Automatization of monitoring tools
  • Event attention and follow up
  • Detection and analysis
  • Coordination and information