• Recycling and environmental awarenes

    Nov 24, 2015RSC-El Salvador

    The RSC Team in El Salvador, on the second semester 2015, promoted a recycling campaign among GBM’s employees,

  • Instituto Bilingüe Emerson de Arraiján

    Sep 07, 2015RSC-Panamá
    The RSC team  in Panama continuing with effort and compromise for the Rdduction of Digital Divide in the country, donated equipment to Instituto Bilingüe Emerson of Arraijan
  • Donation of 100 computers for Digital Divide in Dominicana

    Sep 17, 2015RSC-Republica Dominicana
    The RSC Team Dominican Republic, according to the compromise of Reducing of Digital Divide, promoted a donation journey with 9 institution.  
  • Smarty Ants, more tan a Project, a social commitment

    Mar 20, 2019RSC-Nicaragua
    The RSC Team at GBM Nicaragua implemented, among its initiatives of Social Corporate Responsibility a program to support the learning of English language supported by latest technology. This initiative is based on the product Smarty Ants.