SmartUser is a service for the integrated management of IT assents by subscription.  With this service, GBM provides a solution designed to optimize costs and maximize the usage of contracted infrastructure.

The solution covers the supply of information assets associated to a group of managed services including the following

  • Technical verification
  • Supply, installing and startup
  • Image services, if apply
  • Support to fails with an delimited and defined SLA
  • Preventive maintenance service, according with the IT asset in contract
  • Repairing the hardware site or replacement, if applies

Printing All-in

Printing All-in is a managed printing service, where a solution is developed

The service has been created to cover

  • Printing needs, reproduction and digitalizing of documents with high volumes, several locations and  multiple users
  • Search for specific solutions involving a lot of technological components and resources where the customers will receive a managed printing service without investing in asset acquisition
  • Big companies looking for consultation of printing infrastructure, improve the service levels, reduce operation costs and improve business processes.
  • Companies with requirements for technology updates of the multifunctional equipment and printers

This service is not available in Panama


Electronic invoice

In some countries where there is a Law for Electronic Invoicing allowing and endorsing the legal value of electronic documents, GBM provides  invoicing in the service model.  At the present time, it is implemented in Guatemala where this eases centralized services of creating invoices for corporate customers.

Characteristics of the solution Electronic Fiscal Documents

  • Electronic Fiscal Documents (DTE) as established by the superintendence of Fiscal Administration in the country.
  • Integrity: information contained in the message is protected and cannot be manipulated or modified, confirming the no modification of the data in origin.
  •  Authenticity:  the identity of issuance is verified and the receiving party of the electronic document.
  • Veracity:  it can be determine the veracity of the invoice using on line services
  • Denial:  the issuing individual who digitally signs this document will not be able to deny the generation of it.
  • Validity: has the same validity of the printed invoices
  • Savings:  important savings are involved in administrative processes and operative processes.