En 1991 a new Company is created:

In the early 90’s, the information technology market suffered dramatic changes, as a result of worldwide changes, which also impacted IBM.  In this decade, companies changed their centralized mainframes platforms, to interconnected mid-range servers, for the management of different processes.  In this decade, the process re-engineering had a focal role in the business world.

Together with other multinational companies, IBM, during the three first years of the 90’s, had to review its business strategy and redesign its processes, lines of product and distribution strategy.  This created the need to search for business and alliances in other markets, where for economic, operational or geographical reasons, they needed a more efficient management as required by new times and industry distribution models.

As a result, by the end of 1991, an Alliance was created by a group of businessmen in Central America to manage IBM’s Brand in the region, and created GBM Corporation (General Business Machines), with IBM keeping a stockholder share.  This new alliance has access to vast technical resources and support to guarantee a strong relation with IBM customers in the region.

Likewise, the Central American and Caribbean region was experiencing an important process of political and economy stability, which was evident in an urgent effort for the technical-administrative modernization in all areas.  In this process, two main reasons had a decisive role:  geographic location and strong commercial relations of the region with the US Market.

The connection with North America drives the Central American market to be one of the most modern and current in all Latin America

From its beginning

GBM has brought the best of IBM’s organizational culture, with access to latest technological platforms available for our market, through the introduction of new products and services oriented to satisfy the constant changing needs, supported by the continued training of  our technical  and support resources, in order to provide a world class service to all customers in this market.

The strategic Alliance with IBM represents the unrestricted guaranteed access to the most comprehensive product line in the world, as well as vast support resources.  The strong association allows GBM to see the future with the knowledge base for the most strategic tendencies of the industry.

The dynamic change experienced by the information industry, in which strong technical progress is created on a daily basis, forces companies to develop extensive products catalog, with support platforms including a diversity of additional technologies and the corresponding implementation and support services.  This is the only way to be in a position to  respond to our customer’s needs, to configure an integrate all systems that will represent  a true solution for the end user.

GBM comprises the association of a group of business leaders with an experienced management team of the industry, having a group of professionals, whose technical capacities are unique in the territory.  This combination, enables GBM to operate as a local company, understanding internal circumstances of the country and also, capitalizing the synergy resulting in a regional coverage (GBM is the only technology provider with regional presence), and the combined critical mass of our markers.


GBM is The exclusive distributor of IBM in Central America, Panama and Dominican Republic; this is a contract for life, its relation with IBM is non-restrictive.   It is based on IBM’s technical solutions and keeps strategic coherence. GBM represents also, officially and with support of leader industry brands, such as CISCO and DIEBOLD in order to offer a more comprehensive solution.  GBM’s principle is to keep the excellence in support to every brand it represents. As a result, training to each technical resource on each one of the lines is a pre-requisite for any product GBM decides to commercialize in the region.