At GBM we strive to obtain a motivating working environment where corporate values are promoted.  Priority and compromise is to promote continued development, offer growing opportunities and create a culture of values which allows the employees to develop their potential and to promote attitudes and actions to be reflected in a daily basis, generating empathy with our customer and partners.  Our corporate values are:http://www.gbm.net/files/content/confiabilidad.jpg


To be honest, integral and loyal, executing our commitments with high quality, precision and on time

Reliability  has the condition of honesty.  It would be impossible to trust someone who lies, steals, deceives or cheats.  However, reliable is the person that promising or agreeing on something, complies with the terms of quality and time.  So, reliability cannot be proven until the task has been complied with and in consequence a person is reliable when consistently and recurrently complies with the compromise.

Reliability is easily broken not only for lack of honesty, but also for not complying a compromise.  When there is a no compliance, or we receive a task that does not comply with the terms of quality and time, we will have the image of a not reliable person.  A task of poor quality or of different quality to what it was expected, will create errors, delays, rework or investment.  To avoid not being reliable, when you stablish compromises be clear of the approach, expected or offered.  We are  part of a productive chain,  A single unreliable employee will generate in the team and  the process,  poor quality, wrong and late results,  generating expensive costs for all.

Examples of reliability with GBM Vision

  • An account executive, is reliable when:  reports sales with certainty in time and amount, considering the variables in the process of closing the sale with the customer, which he/she can measure or predict.
  • An employee is reliable when being assigned a task , the individual can measure consequences, times, resources and expectations;  alerts on the tasks, takes ownership of the challenges in the process, reports progress and can comply with the task in quality and time as promised.  To overcome the obstacles, you do not have to use resources inadequately, step on people (peers, customers or suppliers), to set promises to third parties that cannot be complied with; it has to be a clean process, not subject to questioning.
  • A technician is reliable when the individual completes a proposal or solves the incident on time and with adequate resources, without wearing out the systems or compromise people, GBM or the customer.
  • A manager is reliable when the individual establishes clear objectives to the employees, keeps promises, and does not promise what it is not in his delegation.  A reliable manager transfers clear expectations to the superiors on the work of the team and does not compromise if the individual knows that time or quality are difficult to be complied with.  A manager is reliable when he/she communicates assertively.



Synonymous of audacity.  Being genuine, persistent and productive

Courage is the capacity which allows us to be faithful to our convictions and to confront the situations we face in life, with strength and energy.

A courageous individual is secure, takes risk without fear, with the certainty that he/she can achieve goals and the internal self-control to overcome difficult situations.  Without courage, one will not have the braveness to take new risks, or the risks will be faced with the fear to failure, triggering the  desisting feeling.

As in other aspects of life, at work we face obstacles or difficulties that seem to stand in the way to our objective.  To know our limitations without fear and to face challenges without pessimism will give us more possibilities of success.  If we have courage in the job we will face challenges with braveness, we will persist, create and will be more productive and effective.


Examples of courage at GBM

  •  A sales account executive with courage, will persevere to achieve the objectives, looks for creative ways to overcome adversities, finding areas of negotiation to achieve success.
  • There are risk and difficulties in every task and we have to understand that these are true opportunities to learn.  If we let challenges defeat us, it will stop our personal and professional development.
  • A technician faces his challenges with courage when he knows that the temporary solutions to a problem, but he strives to get the complete solution to the customer. He also demonstrates his courage when, facing a complex situation is risking the operation of a customer, it can focus on fast and effective solutions, without letting the crisis to blur his knowledge and capacity to resolve.
  • A manager requires courage, to have a balance between the tasks and responsibilities.  His creativity to resolve is ample and his decision is timely to cross the barriers and make a productive team.  A courageous manager creates positive teams, and these teams creates his/her security to face challenges.  A courageous manager coaches his team and make the most of with challenging and realistic goals.



 Observance of the rules and compromises, as well as dedication and consideration

Discipline is a value that allows us to comply with the rules.  It is in our early years, that   the first discipline attributes are constructed, through repetition in the observance of schedules and other habits.  It is for this reason that the acquisition of discipline is not an autonomous process, since it needs the mediation of parents, teaches, mentors and systems of governance of the society.

 Indiscipline is the result of the unawareness of the importance for the things we do, or the consequences of not doing something.  Undisciplined individuals work or study with evident carelessness and they rarely end what they start.  They cannot comply systematically with their tasks and simply give-up when less expected without explanation.

 Discipline is the capacity to act in an orderly fashion and to persevere to obtain something.  It requires order and guidelines to achieve the expected objectives, facing the inconveniences this may cause.  The principal need to acquire this value is self-commitment; it is, the capacity to ask ourselves an extra effort to do things the best way possible.

Examples of discipline with GBM vision

  • A disciplined sales executive, knows that there is an administrative and documental job which has to be complied with.  He is aware of the value of documentation goes further from  personal objectives, but it has a great value for our company in terms of order and next steps.
  • A disciplined employee knows that his personal objectives contribute to the organizational objectives, does not wait to the last minute, always seeking to mitigate contingencies to be up to his responsibilities in time and form.
  • A disciplined technician reports his exact hours on a daily basis.
  • One who has discipline, knows how to deal with and comply with the conditions from both parties to attain an objective or task, to be complied with the procedures and documents as demanded by his administration
  • A manager knows that only with discipline, the strategic goals are attained.  Strategy depends upon the completion of tactics and task specific in an orchestrated, organized and sequential fashion, and only having a true discipline we can chain the teams and tasks for the achievement of strategic improvement with real results.  A manager with discipline complies with the schedules, gives , offers and demands the value to collaborators



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Clear, evident, compromises with no doubt or ambiguity

Transparency is linked to an honest behavior, in attachment to ethical principles and legality. This is a value applied to human behavior, does not imply, another thing that giving others a clear message which expresses what we really feel and want.  One who acts with transparency and proceeds with honesty, does not talk around.

Be transparent.  If you manage economic or material resources, be organized, provide clear and exact reports.  In family or at work, handle yourself with transparency and carefulness.  It is your private life, but your actions and opinions are the reflection of the privacy.  Nowadays, more than ever we need people to give an example to others of transparency.  Be as pristine as water

We should not mistake transparency with the lack of secrecy in keeping confidential information.  On the other hand assertive communication, which modifies and selects the messages not to attack our conversation partner and get the expected impact, is not contrary to transparency.


Examples of transparency with GBM’s vision 

  • An account executive is transparent, when he does not create false expectations to the customer to close or accelerate closing a deal, does not hide to GBM the advance in the sales opportunities with customers and does not hide to the customer the truth on adverse situations which could risk the compliance with the agreed Schedule.
  • Whatever be your job, you must conduct yourself as indicated by the Ethical Code of GBM, with justice, kind manners and respect to others; with honesty and caution to protect GBM’s interests without attacking other participants in the market and without accepting or giving payments.  Protection of the information provided to you, honest, clear and exact registries, are components of the conducts expected from a transparent collaborator. 
  • A technician conducts with transparency, does not use his knowledge egoistically to protagonize the design or solution of incidents, on the contrary, honestly shares his experience and findings to the teams so that we all can be more effective.  It would be a serious misconduct, that when knowing the prevention alerts.
  • The manager must be an example of transparency to the team, very coherent with his words and acts.  Does not propitiate, or let conducts contrary to ethical and honest management to be allowed in his organization