Expanding our success with responsibility

There is a proverb that says  “The fruit of success, preserves the seed of failure”.  The main management task in successful companies is precisely to keep the fruit as healthy as possible to keep the seed inactive and controlled.

One of the most dynamic approaches currently and that strives for keeping success at the long term, is the execution with social responsibility.  Originally based in a philanthropic approach, Corporate Social Responsibility (RSC) has evolved to a win-win strategic model.  RSC is a compromise of a company to operate economically and environmentally sustainable, while it recognizes the interest of customers, partners, employees, local communities, the environment and the society in general.  It searches a sustainable development, it searches for a value added to knowledge, not only financial support, it searches for the human involvement and a culture of social projection;  not only provide cold checks without a sentiment.

GBM as a leader IT Company, keeps a direct compromise with corporate causes that are under the line of business of the Company.

GBM, aware to the value to this initiative, promotes and executes every year a Corporate Social Responsibility plan, with the primary focus to responsibly propagate the success of the Company in the communities it operates and return, somehow, some of the many values received.  GBM’s vision on RSC follows three main principles.


GBM financially supports social programs and actively contributes with the talent to generate an impact of technological value, which allow interest groups to capitalize the knowledge in order to have a more promising and sustainable future. As part of the direct purposes of GBM on this RSC area the sustainability strives to adopt values which generate behaviors to keep satisfactory levels of education, training and awareness.


GBM spreads its RSC as an integrated and aligned program throughout the region where it operates.  So, it ensures a solid and focused vision and mission, identifying the corporation as a strong participant in the established initiatives.  This helps GBM to generate more facilities for projects development  according to its business line, since GBM’s offices in each country pursues campaigns always in accordance with the parameters stipulated by the corporation and in attachment with our Diamond Pellas.

Core competencies

GBM possesses unique talent and “networking” in the region.  Supported by this strength it impacts the critical knowledge of the selected social groups, so that in a self-sufficient way they are able to build a promising future to families and communities.  GBM is the leader in the technology industry, its knowledge and access to the TICs and its tendencies, allows GBM to play a role of agent of change in the propagation of technology as an instrument for human and commercial development in our region.

GBM directs all actions in accordance with  the RSE Diamond from Grupo Pellas and identifies policies, programs and initiatives which cover each one of the groups of interest (stakeholders) of GBM in which it is socially responsible, which are:  shareholders, employees, community, commercial partners (customers and providers) and environment

Diamont of  RSC

GBM focuses in formalizing the identified initiatives and specially in strengthening the culture of social projection for all the employees, customers and suppliers, and through them, to  add special value  to this program.