With the support of  RSC teams in each country, GBM conducts its corporate causes which  are:  Digital Divide and Electronic Waste, the teams are conformed by employees, who provide voluntarily their time to execute different projects in this area and create a direct benefit not only for GBM, but also, to the community and environment.  The so called RSC teams are conformed by country to facilitate the job and development of initiatives and projects.  The RSC teams are organized in Cost Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. 

Digital Divide

Digital Divide is defined as the gap between individuals (communities, states, countries) that use Information Technologies and Communication (TIC) as a part of their normal lives and the ones that do not have Access to the TICs or to the ones that even when having access do not know how to use them.
We live in a world and the technology era, ever changing and demanding in the IT literacy, which leaves some individuals without the resources to gain the knowledge and domain on technology. 
GBM commits to reduce and collaborate to close the gap existing in the countries, and therefore different projects are presented to help with this purpose, and at the same time to the improvement in IT subject with the communities in which GBM has a social responsibility.

Electronic Waste

Electronic devices are constantly improved, and replaced, and as a consequence of such devices to be obsolete, a new waste is created: electronics.
Thousands of new devices are created every day replacing others which, considered obsolete, are thrown to the trash or careless accumulated with no  prevention for the  pollution this trash could create.  Is for this reason that GBM, as a RSC cause, recollects the disposal of electronic devices in order to reduce the impact in the environment and the footprints.  Over the years, electronic waste is becoming more and more common in every country, what requires the creation of a recycling culture for electronic waste.