GBM’s collocation service includes:

  • Physical space (rack space or rack unit spaces – U’s)
  • Power for the rack or the contracted U ( charged per KW/Month)
  • Appropriate cooling and redundancy
  • Security (video security, physical access control)
  • Firefighting system
  • Access to multiple suppliers of the network


Optional services:

  • Remote hands: to request assistance to basic operations at GBM’s Data Center and with  24x7x326 availability
  • Back up tape library:  storage and control of the back-up media
  • Monitoring services (Control IT)
  • Suppliers management services  (Regional NOC)
  • Specialized support service



SmartRecovery is a unique combination of services and specialized solutions to help you ensure your critical systems, data and applications will continue to be available, even in an eventual disaster.  Identifying and prioritizing critical systems, key personnel, critical assets, will allow GBM to design the engineering of the recovery solution and implementation.  This will provide business continuity when facing disaster or contingency.

SmartRecovery provides

  • Access to disaster recovery Datacenter for disaster drills and disaster declaration
  • Assessment in the creation of response plans to IT disasters
  • Assistance in tests and drills
  • Assistance for regulatory compliance



It is your support for computers, mobile devices and printers

It is a single contact for telephone, e-mail or web page to open a ticket, incident or requirement for technical services


SmartCapacity is a service providing Enterprise computing as a service from GBM Datacenters in the region

GBM can provide virtual environments with processing resources, memory, storage with operating systems:  Windows, Linux, iO/S or AIX, and connectivity/access/security to LAN/WAN.

Service availability is provided by SLAs.  Backup, professional and application management services can be added.

The service model for SmartCapacity is based on

  • Virtualized infrastructure
  • Operation Eficiency
  •  SLA agreed
  • Adapting capacity



The SmartBackup service enables the administration and information management of the customer for back up.  This service is based in the centralized backup infrastructure for information, located in the storage resources contracted at GBM’s DATACENTER

The Service consists in activating and configuring backup agents in each one of the virtual or physical servers configured at the Data Center infrastructure of GBM.  Said agents are in charge of communicate the servers and the storage resources to the central GBM platform for back up, either disk or tape.

Smart Virtual Data Center

SmartCapacity, GBM Cloud and Microsoft provide a hybrid cloud solution based on tools you currently use, such as Microsoft System Center and Hyper-V.  GBM is part of an elite global network of suppliers of Cloud services which have adopted the Microsoft CLOUD OS.  It provide hybrid cloud solutions from a Microsoft Cloud platform, with which your IT areas are familiarized.  The solution integrates infrastructure and applications include :Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V, System Center 2012 R2 and Microsoft Azure Pack.  This platform provides same capacities as Microsoft in the Azure proposal.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting service allows the customer to have IT Infrastructure (Iaas) with resources dedicated to your company.

This service is conceived to customers in need of a “not shared” solution, in which processing resources, storage, connectivity and security adapt to your needs.

The Dedicated infrastructure: based on a custom designed architecture  for the customer, supported by  leading industry products , to provide  the customer with services for specific needs.

  • Operation efficiency: adoption of best practices and regulatory compliance to optimize processes related to administration and operation.


  • Compromised SLAs: by the efficient operation of the service,  reduction of disruptive events and maximizing the commercial continuity is obtained by reducing the inactivity time of the contracted environment, and facilitating the planning for recovery in a disaster situation
  • Adapting agility as per your needs.


SAP on Demand (SaaS)

SAP on Demand is a SAAS oriented to mid-size companies of the Manufacturing and Distribution segments, with all ERP functionality at low cost and a reduced implementation time and by means of a monthly payment.

Conducting SAP ERP projects under the preconfigured models where you pay fixed value services or a rent per user

Original SAP Licenses Rental scenario

Hardware infrastructure in “hosting” mode required for daily operation of the SAP processes at your Company.

Available support through LatCapital Competence Center LCCC during the time of service.

Benefits. :

  • Security:  To ensure a secure environment for your information management
  • Connectivity: capacity to have a connection with you user around the globe
  • Flexibility in size of the deal:  Customer indicates quantity of users, SAP on Demand Is unlimited capacity.
  • Privacy:  allows each customer to have an individual and personalized environment, to grant total privacy in information management and transaction