GBM is the leader in the Central American and  Caribbean region,  integrating information technology solutions for our customers, adding value to your businesses, and leading to the expected financial results.

GBM’s main product lines are:

  1.  Services:  Technical and maintenance service, printing, Datacenter, Education, managed services, software services.
  2. Hardware:  Servers, personal computers, network products, point of sale, among others.
  3. Software: Middleware, applications, business intelligence, core banking, SAP.
  4. Consulting: in the areas of Change Management, BPO, among others.


 “To be the best IT solutions provider for our customers, to improve their competitive position, seeking to double the size of our business and profitability in 5 years, in an optimum, innovative and collaborative environment with the communities where the company operates”.



 “To  integrate technology in value added solutions, satisfying the expectations of our customers, through qualified and engaged professionals, with  world-class methodologies, products and services”.



  • Reliability:  to be honest, with integrity and loyal, executing our commitments with high quality, precision and on time.
  • Courage:   Synonymous of daring.   To be more authentic, persistent and productive.
  • Discipline:  observance and compliance with the rules and commitments
  • Transparency:  to be clear, evident and with no doubt and ambiguity