November 30, 2015RSC-El Salvador

During second half of 2015 GBM El salvador and its RSC Team as part of the initiatives of Digital divide, donated equipment to following support programs
CompuMovil Project.

Educational Project together with Grupo SIMAN and FUSALMO, which provides education in English and software tools to young people at educational centers in high risk zones in El Salvador.  Donation of 10 laptops


Non-profit organization focused in assiting children and young people at risk.  The desktops will be at the computing center Fundación Remar. Donation:  5 desktops

Fundación JUDA

This ONG supports children, elder  people and families in extreme poverty, with the donation the Access to information technology to young adolescents are part of the approach of this foundation.  Donation: 2 desktops


Private non-profit organization, for the prevention, treatment and rehab of the alcohol and drug abuse.  The equipment is destined to provide technology literacy to children in the organization.  Donation: 5 laptops


Human development organization executing attention programs, combined with productive projects generating resources to support the needs of education, health, food to communities in risk. The donated laptops will provide technology tools to outstanding high school girls in poverty.  Donation: 2 laptops
To calculate the impact in individuals, we assume each equipment will be used for at least 10 people, however, we are aware that in the approach, projection could increase.