July 07, 2015RSC-República Dominicana

 A group of 66 children and teenagers from 12 to 13m, from the Colegio Claret  Camp (Domincana) participated in a speech on “the correct interaction with social network”, it is promoted by volunteers of GBM Dominican Republic, with the initiatives for the RSC for Digital Divide.  The camp is oriented to Young people (some of them in vulnerable conditions from scarce resources communities) with sponsors from the community and other organizations

The purpose of the speech was to raise awareness among the young people and the considerations to have in mind when using a social network, why the social network is so attractive, related aspects such as privacy, reputation, etc.  Some participants provided examples of experiences, confirming the urgent need for this sector to be alert about the dangers and situations that they could face, and how to responsibly use technology.

This speech will be promoted in other educational organizations, mainly public schools to create same impact, awareness and teaching.