March 30, 2015RSC-Costa Rica

 SOS Villages in Alliance with GBM joined efforts to give an opportunity to Young people in social risk and promoting the development as professionals with internships in the company, for them to identify with the labor sector and at the same time to gain experience.  With this initiative teenagers and young above 13 years supported by  SOS Children Villages, since they do not have parental care, due to special family situations.

GBM incorporated 4 young individuals  on March 4 who will have the internship at GBM.  This internship is the first project for 4 months, and could be extended, depending on the performance of the interns. This initiative will be conducted every year.  GBM provides support to these projects with human resource to follow up to the young (mentors and trainers of the workshops), and must be in constant communication with the development facilitators at the SOS Children’s Village. 
 “I Think this is a great opportunity to get valuable knowledge required for the correct labor and personal development.  Also to obtain and develop values such as honesty and responsibility” commented Jonathan, one of the young participants of the internship.
Carlos Sibaja, SOS Children’s Village Director  added: “We are very pleased with the alliance, providing us the opportunity for the young individuals at the Village to access a more integral development on the job, and what will allow them to gain experience and curriculum in search of a permanent job”.